This document describes how to install OpenFunction.


  • You need to have a Kubernetes cluster.

  • You need to ensure your Kubernetes version meets the requirements described in the following compatibility matrix.

OpenFunction VersionKubernetes 1.20Kubernetes 1.21Kubernetes 1.22Kubernetes 1.23Kubernetes 1.24Kubernetes 1.25

Install OpenFunction

Now you can install OpenFunction and all its dependencies with helm charts.

The ofn CLI install method is deprecated.

If you want to install OpenFunction in an offline environment, please refer to Install OpenFunction in an offline environment


  • Kubernetes version: >=v1.20.0-0
  • Helm version: >=v3.6.3

Steps to install OpenFunction helm charts

  1. Run the following command to add the OpenFunction chart repository first:

    helm repo add openfunction
    helm repo update
  2. Then you have several options to setup OpenFunction, you can choose to:

    • Install all components:

      kubectl create namespace openfunction
      helm install openfunction openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction
    • Install Serving only (without build):

      kubectl create namespace openfunction
      helm install openfunction --set global.ShipwrightBuild.enabled=false --set global.TektonPipelines.enabled=false openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction
    • Install Knative sync runtime only:

      kubectl create namespace openfunction
      helm install openfunction --set global.Keda.enabled=false openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction
    • Install OpenFunction async runtime only:

      kubectl create namespace openfunction
      helm install openfunction --set global.Contour.enabled=false  --set global.KnativeServing.enabled=false openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction
  3. Run the following command to verify OpenFunction is up and running:

    kubectl get po -n openfunction

Uninstall OpenFunction


If you installed OpenFunction with Helm, run the following command to uninstall OpenFunction and its dependencies.

helm uninstall openfunction -n openfunction

Upgrade OpenFunction

helm upgrade [RELEASE_NAME] openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction

With Helm v3, CRDs created by this chart are not updated by default and should be manually updated. See also the Helm Documentation on CRDs.

Refer to helm upgrade for command documentation.

Upgrading an existing Release to a new version

From OpenFunction v0.6.0 to OpenFunction v0.7.x

There is a breaking change when upgrading from v0.6.0 to 0.7.x which requires additional manual operations.

Uninstall the Chart

First, you’ll need to uninstall the old openfunction release:

helm uninstall openfunction -n openfunction

Confirm that the component namespaces have been deleted, it will take a while:

kubectl get ns -o=jsonpath='{range .items[?(@.metadata.annotations.meta\.helm\.sh/release-name=="openfunction")]}{}: {.status.phase}{"\n"}{end}'

If the knative-serving namespace is in the terminating state for a long time, try running the following command and remove finalizers:

kubectl edit -n knative-serving

Upgrade OpenFunction CRDs

Then you’ll need to upgrade the new OpenFunction CRDs

kubectl apply -f

Upgrade dependent components CRDs

You also need to upgrade the dependent components’ CRDs

You only need to deal with the components included in the existing Release.

  • knative-serving CRDs
    kubectl apply -f
  • shipwright-build CRDs
    kubectl apply -f
  • tekton-pipelines CRDs
    kubectl apply -f

Install new chart

helm repo update
helm install openfunction openfunction/openfunction -n openfunction